GenerationRx is a nationwide pharmacist lead initiative with the aim of reducing the incidence of prescription drug abuse. We aim to accomplish this goal by providing the public with accurate and relevant information regarding prescription drug abuse. Our educational programs are aimed at people of all ages and all walks of life. Below we have a few examples of the events we have organized in the past and the material that were presented. If you would like to get more information regarding our organization or would like to set up an event with us do not hesitate to contact us at We are more than willing to work with you or your organization to customize an event that meets your specific needs.


Medication Safety is the primary focus of our programs aimed at elementary age children. Typically we use games and other engaging events to teach children that it is not OK to take medication without approval from parents.

Candy vs Medicine Board

Pharmacy Students teaching Med Safety

Many medications look similar to candy and can be easily consumed by unsuspecting child. If you check out our Medication Vs Candy Game you will see that differentiating between candy and medication can be difficult even for an adult. We use this game to tell children that they should always consult a parent before consuming anything they found that looks like candy.

It is vitally important that all medication be taken in a manner according to how it is prescribed or directed. All too often people tend to think if one pill makes me feel a little better than more will do even more. That is often not the case and can possible lead to negative side effects. These kinds of issues are rooted in our culture and how we as a society perceive medication and its use.  The Med Safety Good Choice/Bad Choice Game is aimed at correcting misconceptions that children have toward medication use.

Additional Resources

Laughter, Pain, and the Brain ppt

Prescription Drug Awareness Day

Middle/ High School

Although Middle school might seem a tad young it has been shown that 1 out of 3 teens say that trying prescription drugs that are not theirs does not pose a risk. Overcoming common misconceptions and teaching teenagers that prescription drugs are not a safe alternative to street drugs is of vital importance. The following Middle & High School Genrx prezi is aimed at correcting misconceptions teenagers might have regarding prescription drug abuse.

Additional Resources

GenerationRx Middle/High School Presentation

GenerationRx Middle/High School Family Feud Game

GenerationRx Middle/High School Role Play


College Drug Misconceptions



Espanol GenerationRx Adult

GenerationRx Adult Handout FAQ

GenerationRx Adult Key messages and resources

GenerationRx Adult Prescription drug lingo


GenerationRx Senior presentation

GenRx Seniors Bingo

GenRx Seniors RolePlay Activity

GenRx Seniors Rx Roulette Game

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