Patient Care Committees

Operation HeartĀ 
Chair: Dipti Patel (M), Michael Pierce (K)

Operation Diabetes
Chair: Avideh Ramezanifar (M), Corey Medler (K), Justin Baker (N)

Operation Immunization
Chairs: Suzanna Capocaccia, Morgan Gray (M), Sarah Burnette (K), Alec Sain (N)

OTC Medicine Safety
Chairs: Sarah Pope (M), Mitra Mosadegh (K)

Global Health (IPSF)
Chairs: Sarah Schuman (M), Lauren Bonte (K)

Women’s Health
Chairs: Claire Taylor (M), Ashlie Reagan (K)

Generation Rx
Chairs: Alison Stonecipher (M), Jessica Walker (K), Bethany Leachman (N)

Project BreatheĀ 
Chair: Paige Gander (M)


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