Becoming a member of the American Pharmacists Association is a great way to get involved in many different areas of the pharmacy profession. Our chapter has over 300 student members, and more join with each new class.

Your paid dues ($115) includes membership the following organizations:

    • American Pharmacist’s Association (APhA)
    • University of Tennessee APhA-ASP
    • Tennessee Pharmacist’s Association (TPA)
    • Memphis Area Pharmacist’s Association (MAPS)

Please contact one of our current Vice Presidents of Membership, David Skinner in Memphis or Morgan Lepley in Knoxville, for details on how to join!


Member Benefits:

Membership has a long list of benefits, including being a part of an excellent, professional pharmacy community. Some other awesome benefits include:

To serve as an incentive for service to the organization, Chapter members are awarded APhA-ASP credits that can be used for travel reimbursement for various meetings. Chapter members earn APhA-ASP credits by attending meetings, writing articles, volunteering at health fairs, and a variety of other activities within the Chapter. Chapter members can also earn APhA-ASP credits through leadership opportunities. EC officers, committee chairs and vice-chairs, and national and regional officers all receive APhA-ASP credits as part of their commitment to the office.

Chapter members can “cash in” their APhA-ASP credits at the end of the year as part of travel reimbursement for attending professional pharmacy meetings. At the beginning of the year, the EC decides which state, regional, or national meetings will be eligible for reimbursement. The “dollar” amount for each credit will be determined by the EC according to resources available, travel budget, and expected travel costs. Any unused credits at the end of the year are cut in half and then applied to the following year.

APhA-ASP members gain immediate entry to this powerful tool with which they will be able to access members-only resources and benefits online.

The APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meetings (MRMs) are held each fall exclusively for student pharmacists, exposing participants to career options, legislative issues affecting the profession, Chapter development activities, and other topics of particular interest to students. The APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition provides APhA-ASP members the opportunity to participate in discussions on contemporary issues, elect APhA-ASP leaders, and enhance their career opportunities while meeting colleagues from across the nation.

APhA-ASP offers dozens of programs throughout the year to help students understand and evaluate the pharmacy career options available and to connect with respected employers in all practice settings.

Members of APhA-ASP receive print subscriptions to Pharmacy Today and Student Pharmacist and members-only access to the online Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA).

APhA-ASP gives members the opportunity to chair committees, serve as Chapter officers, serve in the APhA-ASP House of Delegates, or become regional or national APhA-ASP officers.

APhA-ASP offers opportunities to network with colleagues while meeting new people and developing long-lasting friendships.[/learn_more]

APhA-ASP members can order online at, or order through APhA’s publication sales department at 800-878-0729.

This policy offers coverage for all pharmacy work experiences, including rotations through school, part-time pharmacy positions, and internships. To obtain proof of coverage (Certificate of Insurance), contact Healthcare Provider Services Organization (HPSO) Blanket Division at 800-986-4627.

Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. is the administrator for the APhA-endorsed Life, Accident and Health Insurance program. Coverage is only available to APhA members (and their eligible spouses). To learn more or to request a brochure and application call toll-free at 1-800-509-6113. APhA also offers student members quality car insurance and up to an 8% discount off GEICO’s already low rates.  Call GEICO at 800-368-2734 to apply or visit

Students can receive the lowest applicable rate for business or personal travel through Hertz. For Hertz reservations, call 800-654-2210 or visit and use CDP# 0002085


Pre-Pharmacy Interest Group


The American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) at the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy has a Pre-Pharmacy Interest Group. This is a student organization whose mission is to provide undergraduate students who are interested in a career in pharmacy with opportunities to explore the profession, understand the pharmacy school application process, and become well-informed future student pharmacists. This mission is accomplished through a variety of activities including:

    • Networking opportunities with fellow pre-pharmacy students, student pharmacists, and current practitioners
    • Pharmacy practice site visits
    • Community service and other events (pre-pharmacy students are not involved in direct patient care)
    • Leadership opportunities within the organization
    • Applicant workshops (i.e., Resume Building, Mock Interviews, etc.)
    • Social opportunities for members
    • Regular monthly meetings with informational topics and guest speakers
    • and much more!!!



The Executive Committee of the organization consists of elected officers and faculty advisor(s). There are two Pre-Pharmacy Members-at-Large who serve as liaisons from the organizations’ executive committee to pre-pharmacy students, aids in development of educational programming for pre-pharmacy students, and provides logistical support for all organization meetings.



Membership is open to undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville interested in a career in pharmacy. Membership is open to all students without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, creed, marital status, public assistance status, or sexual orientation.



The fee for joining is $20/year.



If you are interested in joining our Pre-Pharmacy Group, please contact Dr. Chasity Shelton (Memphis campus)

or Dr. Andrea Franks (Knoxville campus) for more information.

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